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    Conditions Update

    Butt ass COLD!!! -10 in the am with a much lower wind chill factor. 6 busses from Canada but no lines after 10am. All conditions are powder/ packed powder with the occasional boiler plate ice. All runs are in great condition except the lower part of upper Northway. Much ice on that section. Upper Cloudspin was great but we could use more snow. Slides are closed today and most likely wonít open unless we get more snow. They are pretty skied off. Still only 8 degrees with much wind at 3pm.

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    Re: Conditions Update

    Quote Originally Posted by Whiteface Willy
    6 busses from Canada but no lines after 10am. .
    Is it Canada week already?
    The Stone Age didnít end because people ran out of stones.

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    There are a few Canada weeks coming.
    Quebec and Ontario have different school holiday weeks. I think Quebec is before Ontario.

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