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    Let them eat cake!

    So said Marie Antoinette to the problems of the suffering masses. That cost her.

    Here's an example of what happens when Government Authorities are even somewhat unanswerable to the people and due process. Most of us are all for protecting the wilderness. Me too. What we are against is unfair, unequal, abusive treatment from bullies in power. I will always be against that. Always.

    In this region, there's been people who wanted to put a pond on their property but after years of huge legal expenses and work for approval they were told no pond. Low and behold, just down the road a person with influence very easily and quickly gets permission to build a pond. Said pond is there today.

    People with connections also suddenly get Lakeside property that was never permited developable or purchasable by others not connected. Sometimes this occurs when land is tranfered from a escrow,etc to the Park and Low and Behold a Lakeside parcel flops into the lap of a person with influence or retired from Govt. Amazing.

    In this article you'll read how an average retired couple faced 2.9 million dollars in fines from the APA. Can you imagine? Talk about pressure.

    Then all of a sudden, a case that went on for years was all very majically dropped. Information arose that would have potentailly taken it out of Park legal venues and possibly into Criminal Court. That sent the rats running for cover quick. Very quick.

    " There's no violations here....Bye! " hehehe.

    It's been my experience that when dialogue fails, sometimes , you just need to find the right stick with which to whack 'em with. The Bill of Rights is God's gift to Mankind. The Post Star has been proving itself an ally to the people. Proper 1st Amendment usage.
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    Very interesting to read in this new linked article about those letters written to the APA Director which give orders to the APA Director to abuse a private citizen and deprive them of money. The APA blackout who authored these letters. Speaks volumes. Conspiracy, collusion, abusive of power, theft, mallicious prosecution....there's alot to work with for a people's DA. A few subpeonas would reveal plenty of evidence.

    Thank God for people who stand up against this abuse and those who help in their fight against this tyranny. Many are the stories like these.
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    follow up. Most people, including myself are all for a clean, preserved ADK Park. But that's not the issue. The APA and it's cronies use their power to ruin people....unless they surrender their land. WTF! They reward each other with prize property for private ownership. They deny simple improvements on Private Property of Dackers, yet let influentail Downstaters have their way. All under a disguise of protecting the Dacks. There are many, many examples.

    Perhaps i should point out that the ADK Park is a unique collection of Public AND Private land. As such, there are many parcels of land held privately since before the Park was formed. Without private lands there would be no gas stations, ski shops, grocery stores, hotels, etc. Without these, there would little access to this huge beautiful park.

    Autocratic Bodies usually get their due. They inveriably go to far and hang themselves with a rope of greed and stupidity. It's a moral applicable to our skiing issues. Their time will come. Tick.Tick.Tick.

    For the very short time this article below has been on the Post Star's site, it got an very high number of comments....All bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowballs
    For the very short time this article below has been on the Post Star's site, it got an very high number of comments....All bad.

    looking at the comments, it looks the same person (you, snowballs?) wrote most, if not all, of them, lol....

    APA anger is nothing new....did you just move here?

    there might be isolated examples of abuse, but, overall, i think the APA is doing an okay job with a difficult mandate....the public/private nature of the park makes things difficult. maybe expanding the budget and getting more competent personnel is the way to prevent abuse. $6.5 mn seems like PEANUTS for an organization charged with managing such a large domain.

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    Judge: APA case not justified, must pay farm's legal bills.

    To quote the Judge......

    "Both the APA's administrative determination and its defense in the underlying action were contrary to state statutes, and as such cannot be considered substantially justified," Meyers wrote

    That means they were operating outside of the law. Think rogue.
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