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    Secede with Vermont. Get nakey!

    Two or so years ago very late in the fall Bennington VT, in all their wisdom, passed an ordinance to allow public nudity anywhere in town. "hehehe " I thought and forgot about it.

    It was to cold for birthday suits at that time.

    Well, the very next spring I saw on the TV news that the Bennington city council called an emergency meeting! They quickly rescinded their " enlightened brainstorm " when nothing but dudes, most were in need of lipo, etc, were displaying themselves around town and grossing everybody out. One very naked old codger drove his golf cart right up to the TV news camera, said hey and opened his limbs for all to see, then started to yap it up. lmao. Others were displaying it around town and lounging in Parks, etc.

    hehehehe. priceless.

    Killington has threatened to secede from VT over taxes and join New Hampshire. Good trick considering NH is some 25 miles away from the Big K.

    Now there's this secession movement in VT. Must be all that good tree over there.
    incoming .................DUCK !

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    Yo 'balls - I beleive it was Brattleboro that passed the Naked Ordinance.

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