The run of the day had to be Upper Northway.

I jumped off the Gondi and headed down Approach when I noticed they were blowing snow like crazy on Upper Northway. I stopped and checked it out. Upper Northway is a short steep drop that can drop you out onto Lower Northway or with a slight jig-jog onto the bottom of Excelsior. It's a great trail if you're trying to make your way down to the Summitt chair or to Lookout Mountain Chair otherwise its a long lift ride for a very short drop.

I hopped in sticking as close to the woods on skiers left as I could get. The shot was steep and covered in really nice snow from the snow guns. There were all sorts of little natural and snow gun made drops which made for a fun ride connecting turns and little jumps. I then skied down a steep shot to get over onto excelsior to make my way down to the Summitt chair. Great run. Any of you ski this trail? Did anyone duck into the woods of skier's right? It looks like the snows starting to pile up in there?

Upper Cloudspin was a close second. The top part near the entrance was completely hard packed, windblown, and scraped off making me think I had made a horrible mistake. About 4 big turns (really death defying slides) I cut across the trail to be on skier's left. To my pleasant surprise I found a fantastic stash of fresh powder. This must be where all the snow from the top was deposited. Anyways, I blasted through connecting some little turns. Under my warm, snow-covered face mask a huge smile was forming on my lips. Powder run!!!! Lower cloudspin was windblown but had just enough snow on top to get a grip and then down to Niagra where they were blowing snow.

I was also able to head over to check out the World Cup Mogul competition. Women went in the morning and Men in the afternoon. It is just amazing to watch how fast they connect their turns in the moguls. Oh to have young knees like that again. Then, the airs they would pull off of the second jump were incredible. Flips and twists and combinations of the two. Wow!

Great day at Whiteface.