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    Gore to the ski bowl and back

    Went to Gore Friday great snow hope the rain did not hit it to bad last night. We had our first opportunity to ski to the North Creek ski bowl and back. Took the Barkeater glade from the top of Burnt Ridge down the Pipeline across the bridge and over to the bowl. Simiilar to the other glades on Burnt Ridge I found this one a little odd, much of the beggining was a cat track, basically one way to go. I would have liked to see a wider area cut out. Lower down it gets a little steeper and a little wider however even after all the snow there were a lot of rocks and stumps to navigate, I can't imagine it will be open much. After we hit the Pipeline we skied over to the bowl, even lower down on Pipeline there was some poleing / walking involved on a couple of flat sections to get to the bowl. Once we go to the bowl we thought about stopping to check out the lodge but oddly the lodge is fairly far from the Hudson chair so we skipped that. Heading back was much much better, from the top of the Hudson chair you could ski right to Burnt Ridge no poleing or walking involved.

    Also another oddity is that they have snowmaking going back to Burnt Ridge but known going to the bowl. I remember at one point the pllans called for a trail from near the Top of Burnt Ridge over to the bowl, maybe they are waiting to cut that to add snowmaking in that direction.

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    yup ur rite getting from the bowl too br is pretty easy,coming from the other way is a bit of work,but not bad,when fresh snow will b a chore for sure,skied the bowl all day today(sun) had a blast,nice little area .

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    You didn't miss anything by not checking out the ski bowl lodge.
    The sea was angry that day my friends, like an old man trying to send back soup at a deli

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