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    Any update on making snow at Whiteface

    The temps seem to be falling and it looks like thursday could be the day. I would apprecaite anyupdates. The WF site still shows a picture of a truck outside of the mid mountain lodge.

    Also, is the little WF chair up and running?

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    Whiteface has been blowing since Weds PM.

    LWF chair is not up but we're optimistic that it will be in the next few weeks.
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    Thanks for the update. Hopefully the temps will stay cold enough to make snow, but not so brutal so that the chair lift is fixed quicker.

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    I believe chairs are going on the LWF double soon, today or tomorrow. Not sure about the load test.
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    the load test is kinda a fun to watch. I remember when they filled the boxes on the summit quad last year. good to know that the chairs will be there soon. hope to get up this weekend, but may not if there will only be one trail down from little whiteface.

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    Does White Face ski resort uses snow machines to create artificial snow in order for their ski resort to to get a decent amount of snow to operate?
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