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    Moe will be playing at the mountain this Sat. for free. They will set up at the bottom of Borean and play from 2:30-4:00. They're expecting a big crowd. That's the way I heard it yesterday. I hope the weather cooperates, could be a great day.
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    I canít believe this crap. I decided to work in LP for a couple of days this week so I could get some morning ski time in. It is raining cats & dogs. The temp is 38. I just couldnít be a couple of degrees colder. It is suppose to get cold tomorrow and snow for the next 5 days as per the Weather Channel. It was great to ski with you and skier4life. Skier4life and I went out for a few more runs in the rain. Upper McKenzie was great. I wish we could have been able to see better. The skis I have are not the best for the bumps, to stiff. See you this weekend.

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    Weekend bands, etc.

    More info on this Sat....

    Numerous activities: Junior bumps on Wilderness, Big Air someplace, Luge at Mixing Bowl, outside food and beer stations, multiple bands.
    . Woodenspoon- 12:00-1:00 in Ausable Room
    . Dread Clampet- 12:30-1:30 in Cloudspin
    . MOE- 3:00-4:30-outside-Lower Boreen/NYSEG Bldg area
    . Tea Leaf Green-4:30-6:00 in Cloudspin

    It will be one of the busiest days of the year ...MOE followers coming from all parts of the USA for Fri night and Sat night concerts in Lake Placid....assume most of them will travel to WF to see MOE free on Sat afternoon. It will be crazy!

    Also bands on Friday and Sunday afternoon in Cloudspin...

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    Get ready for the granola crunchin, vegi burito and ganja goo ball pushin, pachouli stinking birkinstock wearin tripped out hippies cause here they come in caravans of vw buses from all points of the compass. A Free Moe show!!!!!!!
    I am mostly sort of kind of kidding/ stereo typing too. Sorry (I used to have dreads too) .

    Really....I like Moe, I am stoked for this weekend. I'll bet people will be getting shuttled from highfalls parking lot by noon. If the weather is nice, my bet's this will be the busiest sat.

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