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Thread: Mammoth

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    I wanted to post on this very important thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by freeheelwilly
    I wanted to post on this very important thread.
    Better hurry. The mod just PM'd me to scolled me. Unbelievable. No Fun Forum. I'm killing this handle and coming back with a new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Drifter
    Quote Originally Posted by AdironRider
    SOD, your just plain full of shit. How is your wanting snowmaking elsewhere any different than a contingent of other paying customers wanting the pipe earlier in the season. I honestly think its total BS that Whiteface hypes their pipe to prospective passholders and visitors then doesnt open it up till the end of March when 95% of the people who wanted to use it cant. (And they do I just bought my pass and got like 70 stickers for Whiteface park and pipe in their packet deal)How many people ride after March? Im not a big pipe guy myself, I can air out and do a couple spins, doesnt mean its not fun as hell. Even when I couldnt even get out it was still fun as hell. Just because you dont think it is doenst mean the rest of us cant. Frankly it seems like more people have voiced an opinion contrary to yours, so you can STFU as far as Im concerned.
    :roll: :( :shock: :o :? :oops: :cry: :cry: :roll: :twisted:

    Would you care for some cheese with you whine, sir?
    So, is this the type of minor league whining that caused the split between RSN, and you all?

    Not trying to label, just wondering if a nice source of information is going to be shut down by the idiot factor before I really get a chance to get into the season when more important subjects would prove useful.

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